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Dark purple yoga mat with traditional, authentic Latvian folk design Mēness Dark purple yoga mat with traditional, authentic Latvian folk design Mēness Yoga mat Mēness

Yoga mat Mēness

Yoga mat Mēness



This is Latvian version of Ida, the energy of the moon. The force that balances the fierce dance of the Sun. Its calm colors induce a meditative yogic state. This sign is meant to protect women, to give them their unique power. Moon is the mother, who protects your dream, the mother who sings you lullabies, when you chased by monsters. This sign like any good Yantra, protects you in meditation, calms down the mind and gives you the center point to hold on. The irony of our mats is that they are well known for super grip with sweaty palms, but in calm and meditative practice they begin to slide. To make it stable spray some water with dissolved essential oils, and enjoy your calm and peaceful practice.

Product description:

  • Eco-Friendly. All Rītausma mats are recyclable and biodegradable, made with natural tree rubber and water based inks.
  • Non Slippery. The more you sweat, the better Rītausma mats grips. This prevents any chance of slipping when wet.
  • Multi Purpose. Thanks to good sweat absorbing material, Rītausma mat is perfect for yoga, hot yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Jivamukti yoga, Power yoga, pilates, sweaty practices and fitness exercise. Can be used on both sides. In case of dry hands and feet, lightly spray water on the top surface of the mat before practice to prevent sliding. 
  • Size 182 cm X 61 cm or 72" X 24", thickness depends on chosen option. 5mm mat weights 3.6 kg or 8 lb. 
  • Easy Care. Machine washable, hang to dry, DO NOT PUT IN DRYER!