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Can I change my order?

  • Since our order system is automated, after order is completed, the changes are no longer possible. 

How can I pay?

  • You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard through PayPal.

How long will take shipping?

  • The delivery terms depends on country. Following table provide estimates for delivery time in Europe by DPD in days.
 Latvia 1
Estonia 1-2
Lithuania 1-2
Austria 4-5
Belgium 4-5
Bulgaria 6-7
Czech Republik 3-5
Denmark 4-5
France 4-5
Greece 8-10
Croatia 4-5
Italy 4-5
Ireland  4-5
UK 4-5
Luxembourg  3-4
Netherlands  4-5
Poland 2-3
Portugal 6-7
Romania  5-6
Slovakia  4-5
Slovenia 4-5
Finland 2-3
Spain 5-6
Hungary  3-4
Germany 3-4
Sweden 3-4


What is your return policy?

  • You can find our return policy here.

How can I redeem my coupon code?

  • You can do it during check-out, type it in the field with name "Discount" and click to "Apply" button. 

Why my coupon code doesn't work?

  • It could be expired;
  • It can't be used with items you want to buy;
  • The promotional items aren't added to the cart;
  • The code can't be combined with other offers.

Is your mats available in different sizes?

  • Our mats come in one size, but in several thicknesses. Check availability for different models.

Does your mats contain Latex?

  • No, our mats are free from latex.

What are your mats made of?

  • Our mats are made of natural tree rubber, upper layer is made of microfiber.

Is your mats environmentally friendly? 

  • Yes, we use environmentally friendly materials and production process. 

Which side of mat should I use?

  • You can use both sides of the mat.

My mat slipping, what should I do?

  • Spray a little bit of water to make it super stable. In sweaty conditions, mat will be stable naturally. 

How should I clean my mat?

  • You can wash it in machine, using gentle mode. Let it dry naturally after, do not put mat in dryer! 
  • After each practice spray special yoga mat wash and let it dry naturally