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Rītausma could be translated as morning glory. This is raising the power of awakening, the force that literally enlightens the world. Our design is inspired by ancient folk traditions, which combine the wisdom of the Rishis from the East and courage from the Vikings in the North. Just as our ancestors we are nature people, some even make fun of us, calling us tree huggers. This is totally true; we hug trees and charge ourselves with Mother Nature’s energy. Take a break, go outside and give a nice hug to a tree, feel the nature’s energy. Our design is nature representation; each symbol has deep meaning, combined together they tell the story, it is the map to find your own Rītausma, your morning glory, beginning of your path to enlightenment.

Our love of nature also translated to eco friendly materials and production process, that doesn’t harm the environment. Our yoga mats are made of 100% natural rubber, grown in the forests of China. Rītausma yoga mats are especially suitable for sweaty conditions. They are durable and will serve you well in intense and dynamic class of any hot yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power yoga, you name it. The downward facing dog is no more a problem, your palms will stay firm on the mat. It is easy to take care of Rītausma mats, throw them in the washing machine, use a gentle regime, and let it dry afterwards naturally. Choose your favorite design, make an order and enjoy your yoga practice on a soft Rītausma yoga mat. If you can’t choose favorite, buy two and we will deliver them for free!